Hardly anything is better than telling a 3-year old that there is no Santa, it’s just a bozo in a costume.

My dear Christian friends,

Every year that yours truly is in the US or another civilized country, our church folks gather out to preach to those celebrating the satanic holiday of “Christmas”.  Much have been written on the subject of its origins both within this blog and elsewhere.  But not so much been said about the importance of preaching truth to the young.

Yet preaching brutally honest truth, without any mollycoddling, is a strong tradition of the true Christian.  Take for example the preaching of one of our luminaries, the utmost esteemed and glorious Pastor Jonathan Edwards.  What an impact his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” has had!  And we always have to ask why.  Is it because it is beautifully and eloquently written?  Is it because it was well spoken?  Or is it because it is honest?  In fact it is so honest that even at the good times that it was first delivered, there were false Christian complainers that whined about their children having nightmares and wetting themselves after being informed of the horrors of hell and the hatred that Jesus had for them if they did not believe (Ps. 5:5, John 3:18, etc).

Just the same, we have satanist (Matt. 12:30) element here and now that complains about “children” being upset at being told that there is no “Santa” or that “Santa” is satan himself and he hates both children and their parents.  “Oh, look, you made my 4 year old cry!”  What a bunch of nincompoops!

But let’s get back to Pastor Edwards’ sermon.  Did “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” make children cry? Of course it did!  But it also made them think of the consequences of disbelief and made them want to desire true Salvation!  Just think of how one sermon had lifelong impact on millions, who may have cried and wet their beds, but then turned to Jesus with a zeal for goodness.

Just the same, we can make an impact by refuting satan’s lies with Biblical Truth and the truth!  And let the children cry, for not only they deserve it for being sinners, but they may be better for it in the end.


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